Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy report under article.13 of the D.LGS 196/2003

The present repor of Privacy & Cookies Policy has the purpose of informing the customers/visitors regarding the management modalities of this website, with reference to the treatment of their personal data and in the respect of the article 13 of the D. Lgs. 196/03 – Code in matter of personal data protection.
The website guarantees the respect of the report in matter of personal data protection (D.Lgs 196/03). Users/visitors must carefully read the present Privacy and Cookies Policy before submitting any kind of personal information and filling any electronic form present in this website.
The report is addressed to those who connect to the business website mentioned above and use its relative web services.
The report is intended only for the website mentioned above and not for other websites eventually consulted by the user through specific links.
The informations we already possess, or that could be acquired in a future time, will be in any case treated in the whole respect of the mentioned Code, including secrecy obligations expected by the Code.
The customer will be able to navigate on our website without having to communicate his own personal data. During the navigation in the mentioned website, there will not be possible to identify the customer in any time, he will remain anonymous, unless the customer decides to communicate his own data and to access to his own account, typing user name and password.

1) Navigation data
During the use/consultation of our website, it is possible to benefit from services through the insertion of personal data by means of specific electronic forms. We will treat these data only for the strictly purpose which is pertinent to the required and used service.
. The type of data that are treated during the use of our website are the following:

– Management of the contractual relationship concerning the purchase order: the personal data od the customer will be gathered with the sole purpose to accomplish the purchase order, to give solutions in case of complains and offer usable services to the customer. Tha data will be shared only and exclusively with our commercial partners (naks, providers and courier) to complete the whole management of the order. Such data regard more precisely the residence address (to make the due delivery), the telephone number (to get in touch with the customer in case of any need, request or consultation), the e-mail address (to maintain communications with the customer concerning the order, as well as to allow the customer to access to his private area through the login to his own personal account).
– Management relative to the advertising and market researches: the personal data of the customer will be treated with promotional aims (through the transmission of updates and information regarding the offered products of the online shop), to carry out marketing and advertising activities and to make market researches and statistical elaborations for business analytical goals, anonymously and in the complete respect of the norm of business and industrial secrecy. Data will be treated for the whole duration of the contractual relationship and, also at a later time for comemrcial goals. The use of the e-mail address of the customer will be made only after his own expressed agreement or through his voluntary registration to our newsletter service. The customer will be able to ask for the removal of his personal data from the archives and to suspend the commercial communication concerning the reception of promotional mails whenever he wants to.

2) Data voluntary provided by users/visitors with their own expressed agreement
Taking vision of the present report, the customer agrees to the treatment and communication of his own personal data for the purposes and with the modalities mentioned above. This agreement involves the acquisition from of the e-mail address of the customer and other contingent personal data which will be used exclusively to answer to the request and also the supply of the service. Personal data provided by customers/visitors will be communicated to third parties only in the case such communication is mandatory to comply to the requests of the customers and visitors.

3) Cookies Policy
This website uses technical cookies to guarantee the correct mode of operation of the procedures and to improve the using experience of the online apps. This document provides information regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies and also about how they are treated by the website and how to manage them.
Cookies are little text files sent to the computer by websites which are visited by users, cookies are memorized in order to be transmitted to the same websites of the following visit. Cookies under voice “third parties” are instead set up by a website which is different from the one the user is visiting. This takes place because on each website there can be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to webpages of other domains, etc.) that reside on different servers different from the one of the visited website.
Types of Cookies
Based on the characteristics and use of cookies there can be a distinction of the following categories:
– Technical cookies: technical cookies are those treated with the sole aim of “realizing the transmission of a communication to a network of electronic communication, or in the strictly necessary extent that allows the provider of a service of an information company explicitly required by the subscribing part or the user to supply such service” ( comma 1, from the Code). These cookies are not treated for secondary goals and are usually installed directly by the owner or administrator of the website. They can be divided in navigation cookies or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and usage of the website; analytical cookies: assimilated to technical cookies when used directly by the website administrator to gather information, in a an aggregated way, about the number of users and how they visit the website; functionality cookies: these cookies allow the user to navigate in accordance to a series of selected parameters with the goal of improving the service offered by the website. The agreement of users is not required for the installation of these cookies, while there is still the obligation to provide the report pursuant to art.13 of the Code, that the administrator of the website, whenever he uses only these devices, will be able to provide the modalities he believes to be more suitable.
– Profiling cookies: profiling cookies are intended to create profiles regarding the user and are treated to send advertising messages that match the preferences expressed by the customer in the navigation context online. Because of the peculiar incidence that these devices have in the private sphere of the users, the European and Italian legislation establish that the user has to be properly informed about the use of these devices and express their valid agreement. Specific reference to this is made under art.122 of the Code, where it says that “the archiving of the information in the final device of a contracting party or user or the access to information already archived are allowed only by condition that the contracting part or user has expressed his own agreement after being informed of the modalities expected under art.13, comma 3” (art. 122, comma 1, from the Code). This website doesn’t use profiling cookies.
Third-Party Cookies
Visiting this website you can receive cookies from websited managed by other organizations (third parties). An example is given by the presence of “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other visualization programs of multimedia content integrated, as for instance Youtube. It is the case of parts directly generated by these websites and integrated into the web page of the hosting website that is visited. The presence of these plugin involves the transmission of cookies from and towards every website managed by third parties. The management of the information gathered from “third parties” is disciplined by the relative reports which you are asked to take a look at. To guarantee a greater transparency and comfort, following there is a list of websites and their relative reports and modalities for the management of their cookies.
Facebook report: 
Facebook (configuration): access to one’s own account. Privacy section
Twitter report: 
Twitter (configuration): 
Youtube/Google+ report): 
Youtube/Google+(configuration): Pinterest (report/configuration): 

Analytical Cookies
With the sole aim to monitor and improve the performances of the website, a market product of statistics analysis is used for the survey of accesses to the website. This product can use permanent and temporary cookies, with the purpose of gathering statistic information and “unique visitors” of the website.These cookies, defined as “Unique Visitor Cookies”, have an alphanumeric code that identifies the navigation computers, without any collection of personal data.
Google Analytics
The website includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, an analytical service of the online traffic provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). These cookies are treated with the sole purpose of monitoring and improving the website performances. For further information, please check the following link:
The user can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing the “opt-out” component provided by Google on his own browser. To disable the action of Google Analytics, please check the following link:
Cookies Duration
Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only up to the closure of the browser or to the execution of a possible logout order. Other cookies “survive” to the closure of the browser and are available also in subsequent visits of the user. These cookies are defined as persistent and their duration is set by the server at the moment of their creation. In some cases there is a deadline, in other cases the duration is illimited.
Management Cookies
The user can decide on whether he agrees or not to these cookies using the setting configurations of his own browser.
Warning: the total or partial disabling of these cookies may compromise the correct usage of this website. The disabling of the “third parties” cookies does not compromise navigation at all. The setting can be defined in a specific way for different websites and online apps. Besides, the browsers allow to define different settings for “owner” cookies and for those of “third parties”. For example, in Firefox, through the Tools menu->Options->Privacy it is possible to access to a control panel where it is possible to set the agreement or refusal of the different types of cookies and choose their removal. In internet it is easy to find the documentation on how to set the management rules for cookies for one own browser. Following there is the procedure to disable and delete unwanted cookies through the main browsers:
How to disable/delete cookies through browser configuration

1. Run the Chrome Browser
2. Click on the menu in the browser tool board, next the url insertion window for navigation
3. Select Settings
4. Click on Show Advanced Settings
5. Click on the button “Content Setting“ in the “Privacy” section
6. In the “Cookies” section it is possbile to modify the following configurations concerning cookies:
• Allow the saving of local data
• Modify local data only up to the closure of the browser
• Prevent the configuration of cookies
• Block third-parties cookies and website data
• Manage the exception for some websistes
• Remove one or all cookies

Mozilla Firefox
1. Run the Mozilla Firefox Browser
2. Click on the menu in the browser tool board, next the url insertion window for navigation
3. Select Settings
4. Select the Privacy panel
5. Click on Show Advanced Settings
6. Click on the button “Content Setting“ in the “Privacy” section
7. In the  “Tracking” section it is possible to modify the following configurations concerning cookies:
• Ask websites no to make any tracking
• Express your agreement to be tracked
• Don’t express any agreement on any preference regarding the tracking of personal data
8. From the  “History” section it is possible to:
• Enable “Use customized configurations” and select to agree to the use of third-parties cookies (always, from most visited websitesor never) and keep them for a determiend period (up to their expiration, to the Firefox closure or ask any time)
• Remove stored cookies

Internet Explorer
1. Run the Internet Explorer Browser
2. Click on the Tools button and select Internet Options
3. Click on the Privacy sheet, in the Settings section, modify the scrolling device in base of the wanted action for cookies:
• Block all cookies
• Allow all cookies
• Select the websites from from which to obtain cookies: move the pointer in a halfway position as to avoid blocking or allowing all cookies, select all websites, insert a website in the Web Address box and then clik on Block or Allow.

Safari 6
1. Run the Safari Browser
2. Click on Safari, select Preferences and click on Privacy
3. In the Block Cookies section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.
4. Click on Details to see which websites have stored cookies.
For further informaiton visit the specific page.

Safari iOS (dispositivi mobile)
1. Rnu the Safari iOS Browser
2. Click on Settings and then Safari 
3. Select Block Cookies and select among these options: “Never”, “From third-parties and advetisers” or “Always”
4. To delete all the stored cookies from Safari, click on Setiings, then on Safari and finally on Delete Cookies and data

1. Run the Opera Browser
2. Click on Preferences and then on Advanced and finally on Cookies
3. Select one of the following options:
• Accept all cookies
• Accept cookies only from the visited websites: third-parties cookies and those which are sent from a diffrent domain from the visited one will be refused
• Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved.

4) Treatment procedure
Personal data are processed with automate instruments for the necessary time to achieve the goals for which they have been collected. Specific safety measures have been observed to prevent data loss, illicit or improper use and unauthorized accesses.
The discretion of the conferment of data is expected: besides what has been specified for the navigation data, users and visitors are free to provide their own personal data. Their missing provision can only involve the impossibility to obtain what has been required.
5) Place of data treatment and controller
Treatments involved with web services mentioned above take place by the company Artillumia in Quinto di Treviso (Tv). No information derived from the web service is communicated and widespread. Personal data that are provided by users who submit sending requests of information material are used with the sole aim to pursue the service or the required performance and they are communicated to third parts (commercial partners of the company) only in the case in which that is mandatory.
6) Right of individual concern
People who are concerned with their personal data have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation of the existing data and to know the content and source, to verify the precise integration or update, or the rectification (art.7 of D. Lgs. 196/03). In accordance with the selfsame article, one has the right to ask for the cancellation, the anonymous modification or the interruption of the treated data in violation of the law, as well as to take position against their treatment, in any case, for legitimate reasons. The applications must be submited to the controller to the contact information indicated in this website.